Why Patients Choose Anterior Tooth Bonding

If you have issues with your anterior teeth – that is, your front teeth – such as cracks, chips, gaps, or discoloration, you have a lot of options for how to restore your smile.

Options such as crowns or veneers are usually the best long-term treatment option and provide a high level of function, longevity and aesthetics. However, bonding with tooth coloured filling material is often a great option.

For those who want a “quick and easy” way of restoring their front teeth, tooth bonding in our Guelph office could be an option. It’s not always a permanent solution, depending on the exact situation, but for many, it’s still much better than nothing.

What Is Tooth Bonding And Why Choose It?

Anterior tooth bonding is a process similar to having a filling placed. With bonding, the dentist uses tooth coloured filling material which is bonded directly to the front and sides of the teeth that are being fixed. They mold it into the mouth to create the desired shape and colour.

This is the main difference between bonding and veneers. Veneers are created in labs outside of the dental office and are typically made of porcelain.

In situations where the discolouration is not severe and there is not an extremely large amount of missing tooth structure, bonding is a suitable and aesthetic long-term option. The shade of the bonding can be matched quite accurately to the adjacent teeth, giving you a natural looking final result.

When there is substantial loss of tooth structure or the discolouration is quite severe, a crown or veneer is usually a better long-term option. A crown or veneer has the advantage of being made of porcelain, therefore, the colour and ‘shine’ stability is usually greater than that of bonding.

An Easy & Affordable Solution

So why do people choose tooth bonding then? Bonding can be accomplished in a single session, even for several teeth, and uses more inexpensive materials. It’s a great way to bridge the gap until you are ready for veneers.

The most common use for bonding is as a temporary solution. Basically, the patient knows they need crowns or veneers, but can’t afford them. So they have their teeth bonded as a stopgap measure. Tooth bonding also prevents further damage to your teeth while you save up for a greater investment a few years later.

Need Your Front Teeth Restored?  Let’s Discuss Your Options.

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