5 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions in Guelph

Cosmetic Dentistry in Guelph

Cosmetic dentistry has become more popular than ever with an increasing number of people choosing to improve or restore their smiles. Crooked teeth or an unaligned jawbone can significantly impact a person’s self-confidence. More people than ever are booking a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in Guelph to see how they can improve their smile.

Let’s look at some of the solutions offered by cosmetic dentistry:

Cosmetic Dentistry For Receding Gums

Gum recession is a condition in which the gum tissue recedes or wears away exposing the root of the tooth. If left untreated, this condition can grow severe leading to a higher risk of tooth decay and an unsightly smile.

Cosmetic dentistry offers solutions for receding gums. Using a specific gum surgery called Pinhole Gum Grafting, revealed roots are covered. Rather than the painful process of using tissue from the roof of the mouth, your own tissue is ‘pushed down/up’ the cover the areas of recession.

Cosmetic Dentistry For Missing Teeth

When you lose one or more of your teeth, it leads to both cosmetic and functional problems. It becomes difficult to speak and chew when you don’t have all of your teeth, and it can be embarrassing to smile or laugh in public. Not only does this interfere with your day-to-day activities like eating and talking but it also affects your self-confidence.

There are several solutions offered by cosmetic dentistry for replacing lost teeth. Depending upon the number and position of missing teeth, a person can opt for implants, bridges or dentures. Dentures are false teeth that are removable and replaceable, while bridges and implants are fixed and cannot be removed. These solutions improve oral health and cosmetic appearance while restoring self-confidence.

Cosmetic Dentistry For Gaps In Teeth

Many people have gaps between their teeth. Some of those people find these gaps others find it aesthetically displeasing. It is a personal preference, but there are various options to address this issue.

Cosmetic dentistry provides a number of different solutions for closing these gaps. These vary depending upon the size and location of the gap, the condition of the teeth around the gap and how much you want to invest in your mouth. Porcelain veneers, crowns, orthodontics and bonding white filling are all part of the solutions available. Again, cosmetic dentistry is a custom solution for YOUR teeth – meaning you should work with your dentist to review the options for your mouth, make a plan and work with a professional to carry out the procedure(s).

Cosmetic Dentistry For Overjet

When your front teeth stick out, it is called an overjet. The condition not only makes it difficult to talk, eat, or to close the mouth properly, it also distorts a person’s appearance and affects self-confidence.

Orthodontics is the solution offered by cosmetic dentistry to treat an overbite. Dental braces or an orthodontic appliance are usually the treatment for a large overjet. Orthodontics can correct an overjet irrespective of the person’s age.

Cosmetic Dentistry For Underbite

When the lower set of teeth overlaps the upper teeth, the condition is called an underbite. Misalignment of the jaw is usually responsible for an underbite.

Upper jaw expander, reverse-pull face mask, braces, and chin cap are some of the non-surgical solutions. In some cases, surgery may be required to straighten the lower jaw.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist, Guelph Village Dental offers world-class solutions no matter what your dental problem. Call to schedule a consultation today to experience great oral health and your ideal smile.

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